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What is the average cost per square foot of a Breezy Pointe / Burke Construction modular home?

The home only price not to include the home site/ lot price is estimated at $75/sq ft.


How long does it take to build a new home?

Average construction time is about four months.


Does Burke Construction only build home in Breezy Pointe?

Yes, we typically can do a better job, faster and for less cost. 


Does Burke Construction only build modular homes?

Typically yes, because they require less time and construction costs are lower but of equal quality compared to a stick built home.


Are property taxes at Breezy Pointe high?

No property taxes in Clayton County are very low.


Does Breezy Point offer public utilities?



Can we build our own home in Breezy Pointe?

Yes, with an approved plan.


What is the name of the school system serving the Breezy Pointe area?



Is MFL-MarMac a good school district?

Yes, we think it is the greatest.  MFL-MarMac is a very high ranking Iowa school district.  Our children and their children have attended MFL-MarMac schools.


Do you have any walk-out lots?

Yes,  we offer many walk-out home sites. The natural terrain in the bluffs of Breezy Pointe all for walk-outs with terrific views.


Can we build a dog kennel in Breezy Pointe?

No, but we do have many pets living at Breezy Pointe.


I know Breezy Pointe is in a rural area but does it have any parks or open space?

Yes, we have 35 acres of green space available for our residences only to enjoy.


How big is Breezy Pointe?

155 acres


How are much are Breezy Pointe, Home Owners association dues?

Beginning 1/1/2011 our home owners association dues will be $400/yr.


When we buy a lot how soon do we have to begin developing our home site?

Breezy Pointe does not set the time frame for home site development.


We love Breezy Pointe but wonder how quickly the county will plow the roads in Breezy Pointe?

The roads in Breezy Pointe are privately maintained by Burke Construction.  We plow snow early and whenever needed.




Breezy  Pointe  is 2 miles west of Marquette,IA., on Hwy 18, right on Eagle Drive blacktop.

563-516-1111 (mobile)


Fax: (563) 873-3419